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CSVReader/Writer 5.8
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CSVReader/Writer 5.8

Publisher:Canadian Mind Produc ts
Platform:Windows, Linux, MAC, Mobile
Requirements:Java 1.5+
Install:No Install Support
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Publisher's Description:

CSVReader/Writer - Java classes you can use standalone or embed in your own programs to

Read, write, align, sort and pack comma, tab and semicolon-

separated variable files, commonly known as CSV files.

It consists of a 20 Java classes/utilities CSVReader, CSVWriter, CSVAlign, CSVChangeCase, CSVCondense, CSVDedup, CSVDeEntify, CSVDump, CSVEntify, CSVPack, CSVPatch, CSVReshape, CSVSort, CSVTabToComma, CSVTemplate, CSVToHTML, CSVToSRS, CSVToTable, CSVTuple, LinesToCSV, TableToCSV for reading and writing CSV (Comma Separated Value) formatted files. Also handles tab-separated and semicolon-separated files. This is the format use by Microsoft Word and other Microsoft products. This version now supports # embedded comments.

You can configure the separator, quote and comment characters.

Note that CSV files are perhaps 10 times slower to process than binary files. They are for data interchange with other languages or when human-readibility or editability is important. If you want speed, use binary format files, e.g.

DataInputStream or possibly the convenient but slower ObjectInputStream.

For example, CSVAlign aligns the fields in columns for easier proofreading.

java com.mindprod.csv.CSVAlign somefile.csv

CSVPack removes all unecessary spaces to make at CSV file as compact as possible.

java com.mindprod.csv.CSVPack somefile.csv

CSVSort sorts CSV file case sensitively, insensitively or numerically on a set of columns, ascending or descending

CSVTabToComma converts a tab-separated file to a comma-separated one.

java com.mindprod.csv.CSVTabToComma somefile.csv

List of Changes:

Version 5.8 from 2011-03-11

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Version 5.7 from 2011-03-10

CSVSort: allow numeric sorts on empty columns.

Version 5.6 from 2011-03-08

CSVPatch: eliminate all but first duplicate in patch file. allow comments in patch file, allow 2+ cols in patch file.

Version 5.4 from 2011-03-04

CSVToSRS now produces a complete Funduc Search/Replace script

Version 5.3 from 2011-02-25

fix bug if column header had extra columns.

Version 4.4 from 2011-02-09

add getYYYYMMDD method to CSVReader, improve exception error messages.

Version 4.3 from 2011-02-08

add CSVCondense, add ability to sort by field length to CSVSort

Version 4.2 from 2011-01-25

all classes now let you specify the encoding of the files processed.

Version 4.0 from 2011-01-23

add CSVToTable and TableToCSV utilities to interconvert HTML and CSV

Version 3.9 from 2011-01-22

add CSVTuple utility

Version 3.8 from 2010-12-31

add CSVPatch utility, add online manual

Version 3.7 from 2010-12-17

add CSVDeDup utility, new put method for CSVWRiter, fix bug in CSVSort

Version 3.6 from 2010-12-14

add Lines2CSV utility

Version 3.5 from 2010-12-11

add CSVReshape utility to reorder fields

Version 3.4 from 2010-12-03

add CSV2SRS utility, for Funduc Search/Replace

Version 3.3 from 2010-11-14

change default to no comments in input file for CSVTab2Comma.

Version 3.2 from 2010-02-23

CSVSort not sorts hex columns

Version 3.1 from 2009-12-03

add CSVSort

Version 3.0 from 2009-06-15

faster CSVReader

Version 2.9 from 2009-03-27

now support comments. Major rewrite. now requires JDK 1.5+

Version 2.8 from 2008-06-04

add CSNWRiter.put for all the various primitives so you don't have to manually convert to String.


read/write/aliign/sort/pack... csv files.

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File Size: 2 Mb

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Latest User Reviews:

Girish1661 2009-11-03 08:07:01 #
Version: 3.0


Hi firstly I'm very thankful for the option provided.
The csv reader/writer code which I downloaded was very useful, it totally comprised in wat we required.
I'm also looking for many things to learn as I'm very new to the development field.
Thanks and regards.
Girish v.

Rinusenjoke 2009-07-26 01:44:17 #
Version: 3.0

Indeed I downloaded the software, but afterall I did not use it for it was easier to export my contacts in outlook express to a csv file for excel
rinus de Bruijn

Phidev 2009-02-18 15:35:26 #
Version: 2.8

it works great

It works great- thanks for making it available.

Hannah-Marie 2008-03-13 13:31:31 #
Version: 2.8


Was very usefull extracting files out of a MDB file to CSV files, but one thing that I found a problem with was the fact that I have lost the headings of the fields in the process, and there could be something in the program to be able to give you that option

Download Now
File Size: 2 Mb